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              Chaitanya, innovative of easy passage to Ayurveda as a manufacturer of Aqueous Extracts of Single Herbs, is committed towards the Medical Practitioners with evidence of effective result relationship existing to a great extent, for every physical and mental weakness. We give formulations of a widely acceptable form, easy to carry, so palatable, increasing potency of crude herbs, to which we refer as GHANA SATWAS i.e. concentrated Aqueous Extracts of Single Herbs.

              Ghana Satwa are extraction of regarded substance by transforming the active principle of crude herb to media with the help of Ultra Modern techniques.

              At Chaitanya, we believe on the potential of the generations old literatures which enables us to serve the masses the effective medications, at the lowest cost and without any unexpected effects. This track record is an outcome of continual persuasion of integration of modern manufacturing technologies.

             Thus, we try to grow our business by continuous product development, adding value for the end user and promulgate use of Ayurveda.



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